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Lehiwa Ink Permanent Makeup Studio, LLC  & Training Academy  welcome you to come and experience our genuine  love for what we do.  We exemplify "Aloha" in our work and with all whom we meet.

 "Ink with Aloha, ONE dip at a time"

We have several Licensed Artists to serve you.  We will design and customize your Powder Ombre' Brow,  Lash Enhancer & Basic Eyeliner to your preference and desire.  We will offer our professional recommendations and work with you to achieve your desired design. 

Other Services  offered are: 

  • Hyaluron Pen- A Pain free and needless technique that enhances, dissolves, and restores.Enhances the lip, Mesotherapy, Fat Dissolvers, Wrinkle Reducer & Hair Restoration

  • MicroChanneling -with Kawehi.Ink, Neverending.beauty.by.sha, and  Lehiwa Ink 

  • Lash Extenshions with  never.ending.beauty.by.sha and Dynasty Lashes

  • Micro or "Tiny' Tattoo's with Kawehi.ink,  never.ending.beauty.by.Sha, & Lehiwa Ink

  • Teeth Whitening & Tooth Gems Training with iBeauty.byJanet

  • Saline Tattoo Removal by neverending.beauty.by.sha and Lehiwa Ink

  • Teeth Whitening & Tooth Gems Services with iBeauty.byJanet, neverending.beauty.by.sha, and Lehiwa Ink.

  • Teeth Retainers by iBeauty.byjanet


  • Learning the Basics for Cosmetic Tattooing

  • Learning the Basics for the Hyaluron Pen

  • Tiny Tattoo's  Workshop with Kawehi.Ink

  • Teeth Whitening & Tooth Gem Workshop with iBeauty.byJanet

  • Lash Extensions Workshop with Sweets @thesweetspot808

~ Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi ~

By Appointment Only

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”

Let all that you DO be done in LOVE...

1 Corinthians 16:14

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