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Our Story



Lehiwa Ink Permanent Makeup Studio & Training Academy is a TEAM of Professionals that shares the same vision of serving our community and others in this beauty industry. We all love what we do and look forward to being of service to you. 

Lehiwa Ink was birthed and this TEAM was created in an unprecedented time.  Not knowing how much of a blessing 2020 would turn out to be. While I was caring for my Mom in her home under Hospice, I was encouraged by my husband to create a training program of my own. I have created training programs for other Artists and loved it! I loved doing the back office end of a business. I  have experience in building up a practice  for medical doctors so I took that knowledge and implemented it. I believe in working as a TEAM, so I contacted a couple friends to join me and they did. One of which became a HUGE part in us obtaining our Waipahu location in which we call home.  A friend who is also a client said that her daughter wanted to learn how to do brows. Kawehi.Ink was my very first student. We started training online and when she was ready to start tattooing the Waipahu location opened up. Everything was aligned perfectly! 

We have since June 2020 is growing and still expanding. One of my students have opened her second location in Waianae. We are looking to expand to the outer islands as well as abroad. We're excited to see what the future holds! We put all our trust in Gods hands and will go where ever He leads us. We are very Grateful & Blessed to have all that we do and we want to share it with you. 

Marble Surface


Our Mission is to provide income stability and create generational wealth.  My hearts desire is serve the Wahine & Kane that are survivors of a traumatic event such as  domestic abuse, drug addiction, houseless ness or an illness such as cancer or lupus. I would also love to serve the incarcerated to assist them to become business owners, going from incarceration to self-employment.   All of these are personal to me and my Ohana.   To serve my community is a privilege and to be able to share the knowledge of this industry and empower you to build financial literacy and freedom.


Our vision is to have "Lehiwa Ink" in your neighborhood serving each community with love & compassion.

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